Thursday, 22 August 2013

Celebrating Our Club's Birthday

It recently occurred to me that although I have been in the hobby just under two years, a far more important milestone is that my friendly local gaming group has just quietly celebrated its 1st Birthday!

Known as "Guildhammer" (due to our venue being the Gamers Guild in Redhill), our group has been through a first year of  ups and downs like most clubs, but has resolved into a core group that has made it a success.

This year has seen lots of people come in to see what's going on, some to take part in small introductory games, some who tested tournament lists and others who just want to throw some dice and chat over a 'friendly' game.

We've organised a Facebook group to keep that hobbling spirit going (although it's secret to hide our shame!) 

Reflecting on our first year I decided on some areas that going forward I think we could improve on and drive it forward:

1) ADVERTISE! Drive word on the street up through advertising in our store and through other methods!

2) ORGANISE! Plan events to keep everyone (mainly those fair weather gamers) interested in playing regularly. We've got a few in the pipeline but creativity is key here!

3) THINK BIG! The sky is the limit and what's most important is that we utilise all the members creativity and encourage everyone to have a go at doing things they want like organising games or running campaigns!

So here's to getting the first year done and looking ahead to the difficult second album!

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