Monday, 19 August 2013

Cleansing Gaaron Prime - The Background


++Realspace Signal: Priority Maxima++

++Astropathic Communication Unavailable/Blocked++

++Message Begins++

++If you can hear this, send help, please. This is Administrator Lysia of Gaaron Prime. They're all dead, everyone is dead. I fear I am one of the last few left. Days ago the sky turned green and the agri-workers became inflicted by a viral infection . The planet was enveloped by this unexplained fog and then the bodies of those who sucumbed to the malardy began to rise. Within hours we were overrun.++

++If anyone hears this, please send anything you can, I'm not sure if I'll make it through the night++


The planet of Gaaron Prime has been targeted by Typhus and a strike force of Death Guard for as yet unknown reasons. He has been busy infecting the local population and creating a zombie army. The local PDF have been overrun and the Astropathic communication with the planet has gone dark.

The message above was received by Vulkan He'Stan and a small group of Salamanders who were on their way to  a neighbouring system to investigate a potential link in discovering the Obsidian Chariot. Never one to abandon humans in need, despite their own mission, Vulkan commanded his Navigator to set a course for Gaaron Prime immediately and readied his task force to engage whatever mysterious forces were at work on the planet.

Using the signal from the final outgoing communication, the Salamanders prepared to land at the communication relay station outside of the capital of Gaaron Prime, and claim one of the main defence bastions nearby to serve as a landing zone and a well secured base to co-ordinate a larger assault on the surface. However, his arrival in the system and landing did not go un-noticed by those in service of the dark gods, who prepared a trap the incoming Astartes could not possibly have prepared for...

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