Sunday, 18 August 2013

In the beginning...

Or rather, a bit later than the beginning of my hobbying, I decided to finally start writing a blog and tracking the ongoing adventures and progress of my Salamanders army. Before I get down to the details, I think it's best to give you a full view of my hobbying and my intentions.

I first played 3rd ed 40k while I was still at secondary school and had a close group of friends who I played regularly with, we played Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Orks and I played Guard. As tends to be the case, other things (college, girls, alcohol etc) got in the way.

Jump forward a few years and November 2011 brought me back to GW  when my younger brother in law bought an army of Tyranids and challenged me to a game. I bought myself the Black Reach starter and jumped in with both feet. After reading the codex and having a look online, I settled on the Salamanders as being my chapter. They're a smaller chapter (in representation) and gave some cool fluff (more on that later).

After losing my first few months of games  and slowly growing my collection I've now got nearly all of the 3rd company of the Salamanders chapter (eBay has a lot to answer for), a regular gaming group and a marginally better win/loss record.

Most of all I have met some awesome people, and through podcasts and Facebook groups I have been able to indulge my geek and progress my hobbying further.

I hope to use this blog to discuss my thoughts and feelings on certain topics, having played long enough now to feel I have found my voice and to hopefully chronical my progress further though modelling, painting, player and running games.

I hope you enjoy reading as and when I post and love to hear any feedback you have!

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