Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Cleansing Gaaron Prime - The Mission and Army List

My local Nurgle player Bill (bill40k) challenged me to play in a narrative game against his Chaos Marine army. Always up for a challenge and especially to play in a fluffy game, I jumped at the chance!

We decided on playing 3000 points as we had a couple of hours to play and Bill wanted to try some different units to our usual Wesnesday night club games which are generally around 1000-1500 points. 

Bill wrote the mission as an adaptation of a Planetstrike style game, without the strategems or modified FOCs. There were 2 objectives on the table, a Bastion in the Chaos deployment zone worth 3vp and a Coms Relay worth 2vp in the Salamanders deployment zone. Secondary objectives were 1st Blood and Slay the warlord. To make it interesting, once 5 zombies were killed they returned from his board edge as a new 5 man unit - Meat Grinder style.

After some delibration I wrote a list that I then changed about 5 times because I couldn't decide on the best HQ option, knowing he was bring plenty of zombies, I contemplated using a chapter master for the Orbital Bombardment and a Whirlwind in my Heavy Support slot. In the end I went with the list below:

I think that this gave me the best mix of hard hitting armour and mobility so I could cross the board and try and get at least one combat squad into the bastion while holding onto my Comms Relay. We'll see how it goes!

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