Thursday, 22 August 2013

Zone Mortalis (on a budget) Part 1

After listening to a recent episode of the Indpendent Characters, I downloaded a copy of the Forgeworld PDF rules. I was intrigued by them and fancied playing some games at my local gaming club. Unfortunately as I'm not lucky enough to be able to splash out on the lovely Forgeworld ZM tiles I went hunting for a suitable alternative and I found Battle Systems.

Battlesystems are a small company that specialises in producing printable PDF files that can be built with 'some' modelling experience on paper and mount board to produce good looking tabletop terrain. At a fraction of the cost of the ZM tiles, being modular and having the ability to reprint more sections if you need them I decided to invest in their Bumper Value Pack and Bunker wall set.

This should, in theory provide me with enough terrain for a 3x2 board with some interior details to use for ZM and possibly Space Hulk. Battle Systems are also currently developing more features for this system to make it larger and more detailed and seeing on how these kits go together, I will be investing further...

I'm off to get some mount board and glue - look out for updates soon!

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  1. This stuff looks awesome! I think ill buy the starter set too. This would give us a lot more flexibility and size for some bigger Zone Mortalis games too. The IC episode on ZM makes it sound a lot of fun. - Matt